Well, as you might have noticed, I didn’t put up any weigh ins, or updates since last May.  It got so busy with the summer season, also started a new job that has me commuting 10 hrs a week, plus I really had nothing GOOD to report.  Although I tried maintaining a good diet, I only did for 3-4 days of the week.  Then the weekends would come along, and it was major splurges.  I did maintain my fitness & training schedule, but obviously that wasn’t enough to keep some of the weight from coming back.  Like it’s well known, exercise alone is not good enough.  What you eat is 90% of the battle….I lost that battle over the summer a little.

Now that summer & race season is over, it’s time to get back on track.  Starting tomorrow (Sept 27th) I’m going to do a P90X round which is a 90 day/12week training program, something a little different for the off-season, to lose of that summer weight, and also add a little lean muscle mass.  I’m also still going to maintain at least 1 run & bike session every week so I don’t lose that fitness totally.  I’ll also be resuming my weekly weigh ins to keep me humble & accountable.  With that said, here are the starting numbers from this morning (Sept 27);

Weight: 212.4 lbs
Body Fat: 21.7% 
LBM: 166.3 lbs

Yes, that’s over 20 lbs from my lowest weigh in at the end of March. 🙁   But that’s the GOAL of this 12 week session, back down to my lowest 190 lbs by December 25th.

For my diet/nutrition, I’ll be giving Tom Venuto’s “Holy Grail Body Transformation Program” a try which is based on calorie cycling; 3 days at a 20% calorie deficit (2300 cals), 1 day at calorie maintenance (2900 cals) or surplus.  I’ll be going with the calorie maintenance as my primary goal is fat lost, with a secondary goal of maintaining lean muscle mass.

With that said, time to get moving.

Happy Health!