It’s been almost 3 months already that the 2010 race season ended, along with any formal training.  Well, break times’ over now!  My first “A” priority race of 2011 is just 16 weeks away, the 30k Around the Bay Road race, so it’s time to get cracking.  Also can’t forget to mention that I have to learn how to swim before formal triathlon training starts in March.

So, here’s what I learned from my 2010 races that will be my main focus for 2011;

  • Cycling is my strongest discipline – Even with a heavy/bulky hybrid bike, I held my own extremely well against high end bikes, and other athletes;
  • Running is my 2nd strongest discipline – Although I’m still slow, I did manage a sub-2hour half marathon in September where only 7-8 months earlier I couldn’t run around the block without dying;
  • Swimming is non-existent and very difficult for me – Yes, I wimped out in 2010 and did only duathlons because I couldn’t get everything working together properly without losing my mind;
  • Mountain biking – This was another discovery in 2010 which I focused alot of time in July & August.  Although my technical skills are still not up to par, my fitness helped me meet the goals I had set out.  It’s a very enjoyable sport, but somewhat more dangerous than regular multisport.  None of my scheduled 2011 mountain bike races are “A” priority, and I may even skip a few if I know it will hamper my tri training.

What does that all mean for 2011 training?  Let’s see;

  • Cycling: Now that I have a new tri specific aero bike coming for 2011, along with my already very good base in this discipline, from now till April, I’ll only be training twice a week which will consist of raising my VO2 max and AT threshold;
  • Running: I’ve already worked on some form in the off season & maintained an average of 18-20 kms per week.  My leg turnaround is getting better & is starting to come naturally.  This will translate well for this coming run training.  I’ll be running 5 days a week till the end of March; Mon & Sun will be short recovery runs usually under 30 mins; Tues will be speedwork/intervals, Thurs will be tempo runs, and Sat will be the longer run.  Mileage will peak at the beginning of March around 55-60 kms/week.  These 16 weeks should GREATLY increase my speed & endurance for other road races, and also for the run portion of triathlons.  This might actually become my best discipline in 2011.
  • Swimming: From now till the end of March, I’m following a structured swim program 4 days a week that starts in the low 600-700 yards per session and that will end up in the 1700-1800 yard range in 16 weeks.  The program consists of drills & sets which I’ll continue to practice form over quantity.  Then starting in April, official triathlon swimming begins.  My goal is to be able to maintain a 2.5 min/100m pace for my 2011 races.

In summary, my weekly training will look like this:

  • MON: Swim AM, Run @ lunch time, Weight training evening;
  • TUE: Run AM, Cycle evening;
  • WED:  Swim AM (or PM depending on schedule);
  • THU: Swim AM, Run @ lunch time;
  • FRI: Rest Day
  • SAT: Weight training AM, long Run afternoon;
  • SUN: Swim AM, Cycle & Run brick afternoon.

On the subject of weight, I managed to lose about 10 lbs of my bad habits of Aug & Sept.  At this point, the weight is secondary.  I will not be focusing on weight loss, but that’s not saying I won’t be watching it.  I will still maintain a minor calorie deficit which should see me at my race weight of 180-185 lbs by the end of March.  What’s going to be a challenge is finding the proper foods to eat in some of the quantities that I’ll require.  Yes it easier sucking back 3000 calories in a day if you have crap food, but not as easy with whole, nutritious foods.

Today is my last day to fully indulge in all of the worlds nasty foods.  No doubt a carb hangover is in my future tomorrow, but I’ll enjoy it none the less.

Stay tuned!