Well, things went from bad to worse this week.  From my previous meltdown post, things started looking up Monday morning.  That was until Monday afternoon, when I started getting really bad stomach pain.  I got hit with the flu and was laid up for 2 days.  Today is the 3rd day, and although I feel better I’m still recovering with mild symptoms like aches/pains, and slight lightheadedness due to the fever.

Tuesday Day 1 – Couldn’t keep much food or hydration down….I might of managed to keep 1000 cals in for the day, and no training of course.

Wednesday Day 2 – Did manage to keep everything down, but was still a little paranoid to eat anything too heavy.  Probably got around 2000 cals in, but not a very balanced diet, and still no training.

Thursday Day 3 – Back at work, resuming normal diet, but not sure yet if I’ll try and squeeze a run in.  Last thing I want to do is slow down my recovery and hamper further training efforts.  I’ll see how I feel this evening and might go for a short 30 min run to get the blood flowing.