My first ‘A’ race of 2011 is only 5 days away; the Around the Bay 30k Road Race.  Considered the oldest road race in North America which has been running since 1894.  Last year I did the 5k race of this event and told myself that in 2011 I would do the 30k.  I can say with certainty that this will be only time I do it.  Why?  Because I despise cold weather training.  None of my future races will be early in the season for that reason alone.  Now on to the good stuff.

Initially when I made up my 2011 race schedule back in November, I had set a goal to finish this race in 2h 50m, but as time went on, I felt that 2:45 would be doable based on my training schedule, and the fact that I would be at my “race weight” by then.  Well, my training has not been optimal, and I’m no where near my “race weight” of 195 for this time of year.  I’ve been struggling in that department significantly and it’s a real downer. So I’ll be carrying an extra 18 lbs….yes 212 lbs is my current weight.  Disappointing to say the least.  With that said, the 2:50 goal is more realistic than the 2:45 at this point, so that’s what I’m shooting for.

On my last long run of 27k the previous weekend, I did practice my planned nutrition and it seemed to have worked out fine.  Not GI issues, or bonking at the end so I’ll go with it.

Last week and this week are tapers in the running department.  I only saw 22k last week, and this week 13k is scheduled, and Saturday I have no planned training whatsoever to make sure I’m well rested.  My legs should be good to go by Sunday.

As of this post, the weather forecast for Hamilton looks like it will be sunny, but chilly around 0C temp, which is fine by me.  The chillier it is, the faster I can go. 🙂

Stay tuned for the post race report which should be up the following day.


EDIT: Added a news clip from the local news about the race.