weekly-weigh-in_thumb2Another week, another weigh in update.  This week 2 of phase 1, compliance was 100% all the way through.  Workouts have been par for the course and nutrition bang on.  I started taking Beta-Alanine pre-workout on Friday July 25th, and what an interesting feeling.  At this point, I’m not sure if it actually helped, but I’ll use up the supply I have and see how it goes.

The left knee is still cooperating, but I did feel a little tension in the IT band on Sunday a few hours after my run.  Keeping an eye on it.

Now the numbers: Phase 1, Week 2

Weight: 256.6 lbs (-3.6 lbs)
Body Fat: 35.4% (-0.4%)
LBM: 167.0 lbs (-1.2 lbs)
Fat Mass: 90.8 lbs (-2.4 lbs)

Once again, very pleased with the numbers. If anything, I may up my calories a little this week to slow it down a little. I’m not too worried about the shift in LBM a that will change up and down. I’m just looking at the general trend over time.

Today I will have somewhat of a re-feed to near maintenance calories to help the metabolism.