weekly-weigh-in_thumb2Another great week in the books.

All the workouts (lifting and running) were 100% in compliance, nutrition not so much.  I was approximately 90% compliant.  I theoretically never went over my maintenance calories but I did indulge in some chips (big bag) and 12 Coors Light on Friday night.  Again, I was under 3000 calories both days, just not in any significant deficit.

The body is holding up nicely – no aches or pains, even the left knee is cooperating.  Running is coming along nicely and I can’t believe how quickly the endurance comes back.

Now the numbers: Phase 1, Week 3

Weight: 254.4 lbs (-2.2 lbs)
Body Fat: 35.5% (+0.1%)
LBM: 164.1 lbs (-2.9 lbs)
Fat Mass: 90.3 lbs (-0.5 lbs)

Again, the numbers reflect the not so perfect nutritional compliance, but 2.2 lbs is nothing to complain about.

The average TDEE for the week was approximately 3600 cals, and average daily cals consumed was 2666.  So in theory, I would have a weekly deficit of 6538 cals or 1.9 lbs.  So either my TDEE or cals consumed are a little, or a little of both.

Week 4 is a “deload” week for lifting – almost like a slight breather for the muscle to recoup.  Cycle 2 of Wendler 5/3/1 begins next week.