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Mr. Fat Guy

50-Day Challenge

As mentioned in my Jan 29th post, in Nov 2009, Tom Venuto & gang had announced an upcoming 50-Day Body Transformation Holiday Challenge which was set to begin on Nov 19th.  What better time to get the party going by having something like this show up!

The purpose of this challenge was to set goals & stick to them even through the tough times like the holidays.  In Tom style, this is not just about weight loss, but fat loss and/or muscle gain, hence “body transformation”.  Here’s the breakdown of what my goals were, and the results I ended up with:

Goal Start End Result
Tot. Weight (lbs) 224 234.2 221.2 -13
Fat Loss (lbs) -10 -9.7
Body Fat% -3% 28.3% 25.6% -2.7%
Lean Body Mass (lbs) Maintain
(within 2%)
167.9 164.6 -3.3
(or 1.4%)

I consider those numbers a success.  Keep in mind this was through Christmas (and all associated xmas parties), and New Years.  But the main thing that it did, is fire me up (mentally, and the metabolism 😉 ) to keep going.  Although I was not one of the Challenge winners, I won my own battle, and that’s the most important part.  On that note, Congratulations to all the Challenge winners.  There were some impressive transformations in those 50-days.

Here’s a before & after pic of my 50-day transformation…sorry if this is too graphic for some 😆

50-Day Challenge - Before & After

…it’s ALIVE!!!!!

I’ve finally given the place a well deserved face lift.  What do you think?

Just to recap what’s happen in the last little while:

  • From May 2009 to November 2009 I was able to maintain my weight from 240-250 lbs range.  I’m sure the racing had something to do with that;
  • In that time I did no big conscious effort to watch my diet, and went overboard several times.  Ended having to start taking my Metformin to control my blood sugars…I hate taking meds. 😕
  • In Nov 2009, Tom Venuto put out a 50-Day Holiday Challenge (more on this later) & I thought that would be the perfect time to get back on track.

Don't be a CP!

Now, what’s the purpose of this blog?  It will keep me accountable in my future journeys to fat loss & as an endurance athlete, and also maybe help inspire other couch potatoes that YES it’s possible for anyone to get up and do something, and fell good doing it.

Some of the things I’ll be posting on here:

  • Fat loss trials & tribulations
  • Endurance & strength training
  • Gear reviews
  • Supplement info
  • Various rants 🙂