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Weigh Ins

Weigh-In: Nov 29 & Dec 6, 2018

Forgot to post my first weigh in last week so making it a combo post for last week and this week.




Initial Weigh In: Nov 29, 2018

Weight: 234.8 lbs
Body Fat: 32.6%
LBM: 158.3 lbs
Fat Mass: 76.5 lbs

Week 1 Weigh In: Dec 4, 2018

Weight: 231.0 lbs (-3.8 lbs)
Body Fat: 33.3% (+0.7%)
LBM: 154.1 lbs (-4.2 lbs)
Fat Mass: 76.9 lbs (+0.4 lbs)

Obviously I didn’t lose 4 lbs of muscle.  These body fat numbers are clearly being skewed by hydration levels.  If I had to money, I’d get a Bod Pod test every week.


Weigh In: Nov 4, 2015

weekly-weigh-inIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted a weigh in, but that’s simply because there hasn’t been that much movement.  Diet continues to be my greatest challenge.  My training has been 100% complaint since August 18th.  But, with a race coming up in 3 days, it was time to post some numbers.

Weight: 250.2 lbs (-3.8 lbs in 4 weeks)
Body Fat: 35.7% (-0.3%)
LBM: 160.9 lbs (-1.7 lbs)
Fat Mass: 89.3 lbs (-2.1 lbs)

Here’s the chart up to Nov 4, 2015:


Weigh In: Oct 7, 2015

weekly-weigh-inFor the 3rd week in a row, my nutrition hasn’t been on point which means 3 weeks worth of weight loss wasted.  Workouts though, again, 100% compliance.  The rainbow in this shit pile is the fact that my weight is hanging steady – no loss no gain.

And the numbers….

Weight: 254.0 lbs (-0.6 lbs)
Body Fat: 36.0% (+0.5%)
LBM: 162.6 lbs (-1.6 lbs)
Fat Mass: 91.4 lbs (+1.0 lbs)

This morning, I got a reminder of why I lost everything a few ago; my left knee had some soreness similar to what crippled me 4 years ago.  After the race this weekend, I’ll be taking a delaod week – ½ the run mileage, ½ the weight on leg work, good dose of stretching, ice/heat therapy, and NSAIDS.

Chart as of October 7th
Chart as of October 7th

Weigh In: Sept 30, 2015

weekly-weigh-inFor the 2nd week in a row, my diet has been horrible and again, this was apparent in this morning’s weigh in.  Exercise plan is still 100% compliance.

This are really rough emotionally right now for me, and I’m pretty sure that has a big part in my failing diet.  I love to eat, so on days that “I don’t give a fuck”, then I immediately go to a bag of chips and watch TV.  I really don’t know what to do except just keep trying.

Weight: 254.6 lbs (+0.4 lbs)
Body Fat: 35.5% (-0.5%)
LBM: 164.2 lbs (+1.5 lbs)
Fat Mass: 90.4 lbs (-1.1 lbs)

The increase in LBM/drastic drop in %BF is due to bloating/water retention from all the carbs from the bad diet.

The Crystal Beach 5k is coming up in 10 days and the extra weight I’ll be carrying means I’ll be slower.  Also, my running aerobic capacity is taking longer to improve than I was hoping.  That means my 30 mins goal for the 5k is in jeopardy at this point.  Probably be closer to 31-32 mins.

Chart including Sept 30 weigh-in.
Chart including Sept 30 weigh-in.

Weigh In: Sept 23, 2015

weekly-weigh-inWell, nutrition this past week was an epic fail, going over plan 4 of the 7 days.  Guess what happen?

On a positive note, exercise was 100% in compliance again this week.  Exercise has never been my problem, food is a different story.

With that said, the numbers;

Weight: 254.2 lbs (+0.2 lbs)
Body Fat: 36.0% (-0.1%)
LBM: 162.7 lbs (+0.4 lbs)
Fat Mass: 91.5 lbs (-0.2 lbs)
Avg. Daily Calorie Intake: 3145

Average calories are more of an estimate because of all the failures, not everything was accounted for 100%.

As evident from the chart below, the trendline indicates I’ll be reaching my goal weight around mid-June.

Chart after Sept 23 weigh in
Chart after Sept 23 weigh in