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Weigh Ins

Quick Update

Just a quick update on training, diet, and weigh ins.


Everything is still on schedule with the run training.  Another couple of weeks I’ll be done with the C25k program and moving the just a base building program for a few weeks.

On Sunday Dec 30th, I did a Sub-maximal Efficiency Test and I’m happy with the progress.  Efficiency is up to 25.3% from 6.5% mid-November, and VO2max is up to 44.4 from 37.7 mid-November.  Based on that test, I’ve already adjusted my goal times for the Jordon 5k in March from <30m to <28m, and the Dunnville 10k from <57m to <55m.

My left knee is still not showing any signs of a problem which is great.  I think my slow build up in mileage has something to do with it, which is my it is imperative that I not push things too fast.

My left shoulder is 2 months post-op and doing great.  My range of motion is around 90%, but I still feel the odd sporadic “hang-up” near the collar bone/shoulder area.  I tried doing bench presses and shoulder presses at the gym, and there’s still some pain happening so I will give it another month and try again.


What can I say, it was the holidays.  I didn’t bother tracking food intake much for the last 3 weeks and I’m fine with that.  Although I did weigh in a couple times, there’s really nothing new to report.  The weigh is close to the same.  Now that holidays are complete, it’s time to refocus on intake.

Weigh-In: Dec 13, 2018

Decent week overall.  Didn’t really feel deprived much, even had ice cream and beer a couple time.

All workouts in, run training is on course.

: 229.0 lbs (-2 lbs)
Body Fat: 31.9% (-0.7%)
LBM: 155.9 lbs (+1.8 lbs)
Fat Mass: 73.1 lbs (-3.8 lbs)

Weigh-In: Nov 29 & Dec 6, 2018

Forgot to post my first weigh in last week so making it a combo post for last week and this week.




Initial Weigh In: Nov 29, 2018

Weight: 234.8 lbs
Body Fat: 32.6%
LBM: 158.3 lbs
Fat Mass: 76.5 lbs

Week 1 Weigh In: Dec 4, 2018

Weight: 231.0 lbs (-3.8 lbs)
Body Fat: 33.3% (+0.7%)
LBM: 154.1 lbs (-4.2 lbs)
Fat Mass: 76.9 lbs (+0.4 lbs)

Obviously I didn’t lose 4 lbs of muscle.  These body fat numbers are clearly being skewed by hydration levels.  If I had to money, I’d get a Bod Pod test every week.


Weigh In: Nov 4, 2015

weekly-weigh-inIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted a weigh in, but that’s simply because there hasn’t been that much movement.  Diet continues to be my greatest challenge.  My training has been 100% complaint since August 18th.  But, with a race coming up in 3 days, it was time to post some numbers.

Weight: 250.2 lbs (-3.8 lbs in 4 weeks)
Body Fat: 35.7% (-0.3%)
LBM: 160.9 lbs (-1.7 lbs)
Fat Mass: 89.3 lbs (-2.1 lbs)

Here’s the chart up to Nov 4, 2015: