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RACE RECAP: Crystal Beach 5k – Oct 10, 2015

CrystalBeach5kWhat a fabulous day for a race.  Sunshine, cool crisp fall air, no wind, and a great crowd and a great organized race.

I did this race back in 2011, and in only 4 years, it’s improved significantly.  The goody bag was full of nice things like beer glass, drink glasses, and an embroidered toque!  Also can’t forget the free beer after the race when you present your race bib at Sneakers Bar & Grill just down the street from the start/finish line.

As far as how the race went, I didn’t know what to expect as far as my performance.  I had mixed emotions – I knew it would be hard as all short races are when done properly.  But my higher body weight was a concern, and far from perfect nutrition leading up to the race.  All of it mind games you go through before a race.  I decided to stick to the original plan of a 6:00 min/km pace for a 30 min finish.  Adjust if necessary during the race.

Horn goes off on time at 11 AM.  I placed myself mid-pack and it was a good clean start.  At first I just ran what I felt was a good pace.  The Garmin always takes a few minutes to stabilize.  I finally looked at the Garmin Average Pace and it showed 5:40 min/km and a heart rate already at 160 – yikes.  Backer’ down dude.  So I tried slowing a little and the heart rate stabilized around 161-162 for a few minutes, then started to creep up, which is normal.  My pace at this point was around 5:50 min/km.  I felt good and was thinking if things got too bad later I would have a small buffer to meet my 30 min goal.

By the 3 km point, my heart rate was clipping 180s and it felt like my chest was going to explode.  I was still sitting at a 5:50 min/km avg pace so I made the decision to walk for 30 seconds, bring my heart rate down.  Worked great and my average pace only went up to 5:54 so I was still on track.

Approaching the 4 km point, my heart rate was up to 185, so I again decided that I would take a walk break, this time 1 min.  My avg pace drop to 5:58 so I still had a buffer which was perfect.  So I dropped the hammer – a little too much – after just 300m my heart rate was pegged again and I couldn’t catch my breathing.  So another short 30 sec walk break, and again at the 4.7 km mark.  It was apparent at this point, my cardio was done, but luckily so was the race.

After the race.
After the race.

My run training has been consistent since Aug 21st and I was rewarded today.  Not only did I make my original goal, it re-ignited the fire of competition, even if it’s only with myself.  Now, lets hope my body doesn’t turn against me like it has in the past.

Results Summary:

Official Chip Time: 29m 55s
Average Pace: 5:59 min/km (9:38 min/mile)
Overall Placement: 205 of 493 (42%)
Age Group (M40-44): 14 of 18 (78%)
Race Weight: 256 lbs
Official Race Results: CLICK HERE
Garmin Data: CLICK HERE


So what’s next?  Assuming my knee survives this race (I’ll know in a couple days), I’m shooting for the same race as last year – Casablanca Classic 8k.  My original goal from last year was 40 mins.  Well, that won’t happen.  As per the Race Schedule on here, the revised goal was under 50 mins.  Now that I have my 5k race time, models predict a finish just over 48 mins at current weight and aerobic efficiency.  But with 4 weeks to go, both of those will improve so I think I can pull it off at 48 mins flat, which would be a 8 min improvement from last year.

Pre-Race: Crystal Beach 5k (2015)

CrystalBeach5kThe Crystal Beach 5k is this Saturday.  Although I’m considering this a C priority race, I also want to use it as a fitness benchmark for future training paces, and also to nail down my goal time for the Casablanca Classic 8k on November 7th.

My run training has been spot on and weekly mileage is up to 15 kms but I had a few bad nutrition weeks and therefore my weight is a little higher than I had hoped.  Also, I’m finding my aerobic capacity isn’t as efficient as I want it.

My original finish goal was 30 mins – 6:00 min/km (9:40 min/mile) pace – and I was thinking of revising for 31 or 32, but screw it! I’m going to push hard at this race to and shoot for the original 30 mins.  There might be some puking involved, or maybe a myocardial infarction, but dammit, I’m doing it.

Weigh In: Oct 7, 2015

weekly-weigh-inFor the 3rd week in a row, my nutrition hasn’t been on point which means 3 weeks worth of weight loss wasted.  Workouts though, again, 100% compliance.  The rainbow in this shit pile is the fact that my weight is hanging steady – no loss no gain.

And the numbers….

Weight: 254.0 lbs (-0.6 lbs)
Body Fat: 36.0% (+0.5%)
LBM: 162.6 lbs (-1.6 lbs)
Fat Mass: 91.4 lbs (+1.0 lbs)

This morning, I got a reminder of why I lost everything a few ago; my left knee had some soreness similar to what crippled me 4 years ago.  After the race this weekend, I’ll be taking a delaod week – ½ the run mileage, ½ the weight on leg work, good dose of stretching, ice/heat therapy, and NSAIDS.

Chart as of October 7th
Chart as of October 7th

Weigh In: Sept 30, 2015

weekly-weigh-inFor the 2nd week in a row, my diet has been horrible and again, this was apparent in this morning’s weigh in.  Exercise plan is still 100% compliance.

This are really rough emotionally right now for me, and I’m pretty sure that has a big part in my failing diet.  I love to eat, so on days that “I don’t give a fuck”, then I immediately go to a bag of chips and watch TV.  I really don’t know what to do except just keep trying.

Weight: 254.6 lbs (+0.4 lbs)
Body Fat: 35.5% (-0.5%)
LBM: 164.2 lbs (+1.5 lbs)
Fat Mass: 90.4 lbs (-1.1 lbs)

The increase in LBM/drastic drop in %BF is due to bloating/water retention from all the carbs from the bad diet.

The Crystal Beach 5k is coming up in 10 days and the extra weight I’ll be carrying means I’ll be slower.  Also, my running aerobic capacity is taking longer to improve than I was hoping.  That means my 30 mins goal for the 5k is in jeopardy at this point.  Probably be closer to 31-32 mins.

Chart including Sept 30 weigh-in.
Chart including Sept 30 weigh-in.

Weigh In: Sept 23, 2015

weekly-weigh-inWell, nutrition this past week was an epic fail, going over plan 4 of the 7 days.  Guess what happen?

On a positive note, exercise was 100% in compliance again this week.  Exercise has never been my problem, food is a different story.

With that said, the numbers;

Weight: 254.2 lbs (+0.2 lbs)
Body Fat: 36.0% (-0.1%)
LBM: 162.7 lbs (+0.4 lbs)
Fat Mass: 91.5 lbs (-0.2 lbs)
Avg. Daily Calorie Intake: 3145

Average calories are more of an estimate because of all the failures, not everything was accounted for 100%.

As evident from the chart below, the trendline indicates I’ll be reaching my goal weight around mid-June.

Chart after Sept 23 weigh in
Chart after Sept 23 weigh in