I just realized that I never put up an update on my Bod Pod testing experience from Feb 8th.  Sorry bout that.

First off, I almost didn’t make my appointment on time because of rush hour traffic. 🙄

After a brief chat with the tester, I got in a pair of compression briefs, and slipped on the swim cap as required.  I then stepped on the “super accurate” scale to get the weight to input into the Bod Pod computer.  Then he told me to get in, stay as still as possible.  We did the test twice to make sure they were both the same, and they were.  Results compared to my scale & OMRON Hand held fat tester are tabulated below:

Weight(lbs) 211.5 lbs 217.6 lbs
Body Fat % 24.0% 20.9%
Fat (lbs) 50.8 lbs 45.5 lbs
Lean Mass (lbs) 160.7 lbs 172.1 lbs

Yeah, I was pretty surprised, and to this day, I don’t believe it. According to the Bod Pod results, I would still weigh 190 lbs with a 10% BF. I call BS!

To say I was a little disappointed was an understatement.  I’ll get it done again in a 3-4 months to see how it compares to it’s own results.  Maybe there was operator error, who knows.

I’ll post up a scan of the results sheet I got later.