This weeks numbers:

Weight: 204.5 lbs (down -1.7 lbs from last)
Body Fat:
23.0% (down -0.1% from last week)
157.5 lbs (down -1.1% from last week)

Well, as you can see, did lose some weight, unfortunately it seems most of it was lean mass.  I guess the lower carb option didn’t really do anything different.  I’m not understanding why this is happening.  I did a spreadsheet up for the last 3 weeks that gives me a daily average of calorie intake, and average daily exercise calories burnt, and it shows I’m only running approx. 13% calorie deficit.

Avg. daily calorie intake: 2450 +/- 50
Avg. exercise calorie expenditure: 550
Current BMR: 2230

I’m going to switch back to a somewhat more carb friendly macronutrient split and maintain the current input & output and see what next week brings.