This week ends an 11-week mid-goal stretch that started January 7th, after my first 7 week holiday challenge that started November 19th 2009.  This mid-goal was to reach 200 lbs with 22% body fat or less.  With that said…….

This weeks numbers:

Weight: 197.6 lbs (down -5.0 lbs from last)
Body Fat:
21.0% (down -0.8% from last week)
156.1 lbs (down -2.3 lbs from last week)

All I can say is HOLY SH**!  I know there’s probably some hydration influence in this weigh-in. although I felt I drank plenty of fluids yesterday and last evening, but I also ramped up the training this week considerably.  Bottomline is:  I MET & EXCEEDED MY GOAL! Here’s the photo evidence!

Photo evidence!

In those 11 weeks, I loss a total of 23.6 lbs & 4.6% body fat!

My next mid-goal is another 12-week stretch which would bring me to June 17th…1 week before my main triathlon event.  I initially had the goal set at 190 lbs & 19% body fat, but I think I’ll revise that now a little considering the new results;  June 17th goal:  185 lbs & 18% body fat.

This afternoon I have another Bod Pod test at Brock University.  Can’t wait to see how it correlates with my first test, and my OMRON.