Totally forgot to post the update for the 2nd Bod Pod test I did on my 11-week weigh-in, so here goes:

During my lunch break on March 25th, I went to Brock University in St. Catharines to get a 2nd Bod Pod test done to compare my results from my first test on Feb 8th.  Below are the tabulated results.

Feb 8 2010
Bod Pod
Mar 25 2010
Bod Pod
Time Frame 6.5 weeks
Weight(lbs) 217.6 lbs 200.9 lbs -16.7 lbs
Body Fat % 20.9% 14.9% -6.0%
Fat (lbs) 45.5 lbs 30.8 lbs -14.7 lbs
Lean Mass (lbs) 172.1 lbs 170.1 lbs -2 lbs

I plan to go again after this 12 week stretch. I have updated my goals which reflect numbers that will be from the Bod Pod test rather than my home scale, and OMRON BIA tester.

June 17th Goal:  Weigh 192 lbs @ 12% body fat or less based on Bod Pod test results #3.