This weeks numbers:

Weight: 195.0 lbs (down -1.6 lbs from last week)
Body Fat:
19.9% (down -1.0% from last week)
156.2 lbs (up 0.7 lbs from last week)

Another successful week.  Clearly what I’m doing now is working and I’m not messing with it.  This is even after a nasty day of eating last Sunday (Easter).

Here this past weeks calories in/out stats:

Average Daily Calorie Intake: 2854
Average Daily Exercise Calories Burnt: 828
Current BMR(2450) + Daily Cals Burnt(828): 3278 cals daily out
Daily Calorie Deficit: 424 (x7 days = 2968 deficit = 0.9 lbs theoretical loss)

Average macronutrient split for the week was: 57% Carb, 20% Fat, 29% Protein.