This weeks numbers:

Weight: 193.2 lbs (No change from last week)
Body Fat: 19.7% (Up 0.1% from last week)
LBM: 155.1 lbs (down -0.2 lbs from last week)

Well, it was bound to happen at one point.  No change this week.  I guess I ate more than I thought over the weekend.  But that’s OK. 🙂

Not to mention my scale is screwed.  This started last week were it doesn’t want to “lock in” a weight…it just keeps bouncing around 1-2 lbs, and sometimes 3-4 consecutive tries yields 3-4 different weights by 2-3 lbs.  I ordered a nice OMROM HBF-510W with the full body fat scanning.  I should get it by this weekend.  Then, at the next official weigh in next week, I’ll weigh on both scales to try and see if I can get some kind of correlation.