Now that week 1 is done I’m happy to report that everything went great and all 98% of training goals were met.  The only deviation was the Thursday swim I had to cut short because the day before I lost my swim goggles, and after 15 mins in the pool, my eyes were on fire.  Second, I cut out my 20 min recovery run on Sunday because I deviated a little on the bike training.  Instead of just a plain tempo session, I ended up doing a power intervals session (Turbo Crank Workout #9, review to follow), which fried my legs pretty good.  Then on the swim later, at the end of doing some kick drills, both my hamstring & calf of my left leg locked up solid for a good 2 mins.  I’m still feeling the soreness in the hamstring today.  So I didn’t want to push the legs further with a run.  Not a big deal.

Week #1 Totals:

  • Running:  153 mins, 27 kms
  • Cycling: 73 mins, 35.3 kms
  • Swimming: 93 mins, 2500 yards
  • Strength: 70 mins

Heading into Week #2 and I’m feeling great.  Tonight, 800 yards in the pool and a short 15 min easy run.