Week #2 of training is in the books, but it wasn’t as good as I had expected.  My schedule got shifted around because of other obligations which threw off a few things.  One of them I had to do 2 leg heavy training sessions only a couple hours apart, and that really fried my legs, which I felt for the rest of the week.  So come yesterday (Sunday), and my legs were still hurting from the long run on Saturday.  I decided to take a rest day instead.  So I missed the bike,swim, and weight training session this week.  That’s alright, as I got my main key runs in which is what is important right now.

Week #2 Totals:

  • Running:  163 mins, 28.2 kms
  • Cycling: 48 mins, 23.4 kms
  • Swimming: 81 mins, 2450 yards
  • Strength: 30 mins

Heading into week 3, there’s another run mileage increase, and also swim distance increase.  Bike & weight training remain the same.  With the holidays this week, I expect to have some disruptions happen.