OK, I’m a little late on this one but it’s been a busy few days.

For the 3rd week, I managed to get everything done except I only made it to the pool 3 times instead of 4.  Not a big deal and it was bound to happen with the holidays and and trying to squeeze 4 pool days when the pool was closed 2 days out of the week.  I managed my 3 key runs, and an extra easy 15 min run before a weight training session on Wednesday.  I also just noticed that I didn’t have a rest day last week because I had to rearrange things to suit facility closures etc, but none of the days were super intense so I didn’t feel burnt out.  Starting the coming week, I’m switching my off day to the Monday instead of the Friday as the weekend volume is starting to increase.

My diet did suffer this week again.  I’m afraid it’s always going to be a struggle especially when you’re burning up north of 5000 calories a week in exercise alone, sometimes the appetite just takes over.

Week #3 Totals

  • Running: 206 mins, 35.0 kms
  • Cycling: 103 mins,  47.0 kms
  • Swimming: 84 mins, 2550 yards
  • Strength: 65 mins
  • Total Training Time: 7.6 hrs

For the upcoming week, more mileage and intensity increase in the run, yardage increase in the swim.