Wow, this past week was just, well, an epic failure.  It started off pretty good.  Got my scheduled workouts done on Monday & Tuesday, eating was in check, and even Wednesday morning started fine and got my strength training done.  But something happen Wednesday afternoon that I’m still not sure how or what caused it, but basically I had a melt down…psychotic episode, whatever you want to call it.  I SNAPPED! 😯 I was pissed at everything and everyone, including myself.  Then I got a text from Mrs. FatGuy telling me she just got home and that she didn’t have time to make dinner so she was taking me out.  Great!  Just what I needed….incentive to go eat crap……and I did…lots of it.

From that point on, it was cascade failure for the remaining week.  No workouts Thursday, Friday or Saturday, and extremely crap food.  Sunday I managed to squeeze out a 12k run, but I felt like crap the whole time.  Then I topped off Sunday evening with more binge eating, and today, and I  have an extremely bad ‘crap food’ hangover.  I’ve felt better in the past after drinking a 12 pack of beer than I do today.

But today is Monday, and it’s a new day, new week.  So far so good, and I have a short 5k scheduled for today that I plan in doing in the cold on my lunch break, then 1100 yards in the pool this evening.

I’ve yet to figure out what happen Wednesday, but I hope it doesn’t happen again.  I freaked myself out.