I figure I haven’t done an update on how my swim is progressing since I started in December so here it is;

I started in December to follow a “Learn to Swim” program I found on BegineerTriathlete.com that was posted by Sara McLarty which is a Pro triathlete in Florida, her strength being swimming…Duh!  Winning!  It starts off with workouts in the 600-700 yard range, and slowly grows.  But the main focus is working on drills to improve form and efficiency in the water.  So far, this has been the best program for me.  Although her workouts are scheduled for only 3 per week, up until recently I was simply repeating one of the workouts for that week, so hitting the pool 4 times per week.

Recently though, I’ve added an “Endurance Session” workout were I increase the non-stop swim distance a little every week, along with a few added longer pull sets.  I started at 350 yards on Feb 18th, and that workout looked like this:

  • 100yd Warmup:1 min rest
  • 350yd Swim: 2 mins rest
  • 2x200yd Pull: 1 mins rest
  • 2x100yd Swim: 1 min rest
  • 100yd Cooldown
  • Total: 1150 yards

This morning I had my 3rd Endurance session, and that one looked like this:

  • 100 yd Warmup: 1 min rest
  • 450 yd Swim: 2 min rest
  • 2×300 yd Pull: 1 min rest
  • 150 yd Swim: 1 min rest
  • 100 yd Swim: 1 min rest
  • 100 yd Cooldown
  • Total: 1500 yards

Yes, I’m up to 450 yd non-stop, and actually didn’t feel that gassed after it either.  But the best part, with all the conversions in place, I managed a pace of 1:53/100m, which is pretty damn good for a beginner.  Next week I’m up to 500 yds.  Things are falling into place nicely.