This weekend is already the 4th official race of the season; the Sudbury Rocks 10k.  It’s a 10k running race up north in Sudbury, Ontario.  I’m originally from the area and most of my family & friends still live there so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Purpose of this race?  To compare my finish time to last years 10k.  Although this course has a couple of decent hills, and I’m also carrying 20 lbs more weight than I was last year, I’m still confident that I’ll make my goal time of 51 mins(5:06/k pace), which would be 3 mins faster than last years time, a 6% improvement.  I’ll either make my goal, or blow up trying. 😆

Since this is only a 10k, I don’t plan on taking in any nutrition before or during.  I’ll have my usual breakfast approx. 2 hrs before race start, and that’ll be it.  I’ll be making sure to hydrate really well Saturday and morning of the race.

So far the weather looks to be decent for race day so I hope it holds up.

Mrs. Fat Guy is joining me on the trip.  We plan to leave Saturday morning around 7 AM which should put us in Sudbury around 1-2 PM.  I plan on picking up my race kit when we get there Saturday so Sunday morning, I just show up 30 mins before the race, and GO!

Stay tuned for the race recap to see if it was a success or an epic blow up. 😆