Another easy recap….it didn’t happen.

This time it was sort of out of my control.  Friday morning without warning I woke up around 4:30 AM and felt like a I had a big chunk of something sitting in my stomach, along with plenty of unsettledness in the area.  I had this exact same feeling  a few weeks ago (Jan 18th to be exact);  EXACTLY the same feeling which is really starting to make me wonder what is causing this.  Sure enough, 6:55 AM I made a call to the porcelain god, and again at 8:15 AM.  No answer in both calls.  For the remainder of the day I simply laid on the Laz-boy and watched TV, drank Gatorade once in awhile.  Temperature spike at 101.5F around 2 PM.  It gradually came down to a dull 99F for the remainder of the evening.  I made the call to skip the 6-7 hr trip up north for the race.

Skip to today, Sunday, race day.  Although I do feel better, I’m still not 100% and I definitely wouldn’t be putting out all I could if I would have ran the race, and possibly could delay my recoup from this bug.  It’s unfortunate that this is the 2nd time this year I have a DNS for a race, not to mention the loss of entry fees.

Oh well, back to my regularly scheduled training this coming week.  Next race is May 23rd – The Victoria’s Duathlon.