…..and here we go.  First multisport event of the year.  Not a triathlon, but a duathlon:  run 4k, bike 30k, run 4k.  This was my first multisport event ever in 2010, and this year, I’m doing it again.  It’s a well organized event, the course is challenging, and best of all, the post race food is great. 🙂

Now the big question – Am I ready?  Well, that’s a little simple.  Ready for what?  Can I finish it?  Of course I can barring any major mechanical failures or injuries.  Last year my official chip time was 1h 39m 26s.  My way too optimistic goal is a 1:34, of course everything is based on having the exact weather conditions.  Last year it was sunny, hot & humid with a light SE wind.  This year the forecast is 80% chance of thunder-showers with 30 kph SW winds – total opposite.  All I know is my I’m a faster runner than last year, and my biking is about the same but I have a faster bike.  I think a more realistic goal would be 1:36.

Anyhow, Mrs. Fat Guy is coming along again to cheer me on, and hopefully it turns out for the better weather wise.

Stay tuned for the post race report.