Here we are….poof, May is done.  And it looks like we might be getting some better weather, and this past month was somewhat of a mixed bag for training.

Swimming:  This should have been in the 22k yard range, but it’s not, why?  In the last week and today, my pool has been closed because the ceiling tiles are falling.  Not sure when it will reopen but it looks like I may have to look for an alternative.  I did order a wetsuit so hopefully I can get in some open water swims in the next couple weeks.  So this is up 13% from last month, but down approx. 14% of where it should have been.  Shooting for 20k yards for June.

Running: Another disappointment in a real bad way, and it showed at the duathlon last week.  I’m going to have to pick this up or it’s going to screw up all my races.  Down 16% from April, down approx. 30% from where it should have been.  Very bad. 😐  Shooting for 110k for June.

Biking: This was the only positive of the month, and it was needed considering the lack the previous months.  I predicted 300-400 kms for May, but managed 500k.  But my longer rides on the weekends have been with the road bike, not the TT bike.  I need to start doing the longer rides with the TT bike to get use to being in the position for longer than an hour.  Up 300% from April.  Shooting for 600k for June.