I’m just going to start off by saying, it’s a miracle I even pulled this off given my training has been non-existent for the last 2 weeks, in some part, it was out of my control due to life circumstances….by I digress.

I’ve done 3 duathlons(run, bike, run) to date, but no triathlons(swim, bike, run), until yesterday that is and I’m happy to report that I did not drown.  🙄  😆

Full breakdown of the race is available HERE but I’ll elaborate more in the post here.

The race was put on my Multisport Canada, a.k.a. Recharge with Milk Triathlon Series.  It was pretty well organized with a nice atmosphere and everyone was friendly, except for the weather.  It was a chilly day sitting around 14-15C and a strong NW wind.

I had a big cheering committee for this event; Mrs. Fat Guy and my sister & brother in-laws.  Thanks guys!

We arrived around 10:05 AM and with a scheduled race start of 11 AM, I had to hustle.  I ran to get my bib number, my registration package, timing chip, and got body marked.  I also squeezed in a pitstop at the port-a-potty before the lineups started.  Ran back to the car and got all my stuff together.  Then, ran to transition to setup.  There was no room left on the rack that I was suppose to be in (went by bib number) and I looked at the next rack for the 526+ bib numbers and there was 2 bikes on it so I just racked there as I knew at this point, it wouldn’t fill up anyhow.

As I was unpacking, I heard an announcement about a mandatory pre-race meeting which really messed me up to get ready.  I went to the meeting till about 10:50 at which point I bailed to finish my setup and put on my wetsuit.  I got to the start area a couple minutes before the start, swam a 20-30m out and back, and that was my warmup.  The water was warmer than the outside air which was kinda of interesting for the middle of June.

The race length for this “try-a-tri” race was suppose to be 300m swim, 10k bike, and 2k run.  Well, just before the start of the swim, the first buoy decided to go for a little swim.  In the end, the swim course was closer to 425m which is why the swim pace for everyone seems really slow in the results.  That extra length REALLY killed me.


I’m going to focus more on the swim in this report as biking and running is pretty straight forward and really have nothing to add other than what’s in the post link breakdown above.

Let me first start by saying, this was only my 2nd open water swim (now known as OWS).  The first was the day before, Sat, in the Welland canal as a test for the wetsuit and how it was.  From my experiment on Saturday, I learned that sighting (checking to see you’re going in the right direction) was going to be my big draw back as I almost swam in a circle at my first attempt.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the other bunch of people swimming around me, into me, up me, down me, etc that I encountered on race day.  I mean, I knew about it from the reading I’ve done, and also this funny Clif Bar commercial, but it’s still surprises the crap out of you and it’s something that needs to be dealt with….while your swimming and trying to breath at the same time.

When the horn sounded I pointed myself in the direction of the first buoy and told myself to just “take your time” and focus on trying to swim left.  That was until I felt someone trying to swim over me, so I picked up the pace a little only to almost get kicked in the face from someone ahead of me, then someone t-boned me on my left side.  When I looked up, I was already too far to the right and had to correct.  This went on for the first 2-3 mins until the pack thinned out a little.  It seemed like it took forever to get to that 1st buoy.

Once I got to the first buoy, there was someone treading water at the buoy and everyone is trying to get around him.  Interesting.  Just passed the 1st buoy I also tread water for 5 seconds to see where the next buoy was, then proceeded.  At this point I was already tired and gasping for air every time I took a breath.  Once again I told myself to slow down, take long strokes and relax.  That was working for about 30 seconds until someone else decided to t-bone my right side.  I looked to sight and I was right on target so this person was heading in the wrong direction.

Once I passed the 2nd buoy I knew I was on the home stretch and couldn’t wait to get on terra firma.  Then it happen….I saw the bottom of the mirky water…some land.  I stood up and started walking out of the water like a drenched swamp monster, trying to catch my breath.

It took 12m:43s for the swim, but it might as well had been an hour.  It was done…the dreaded swim was done.  Off to the bike.

Bike & run were uneventful.  Based on my HR, I was at the redline for both…that’s all I had.

Official Results HERE.

Results Summary

Official Time: 48m 25s
Overall: 21st of 113 (19%)
Age Group:
3rd of 9 (33%)
Gender: 18th of 51 (35%)


Garmin Data:
Bike (10k) | Run (2k)

Here are a few pics of the event:

Woodstock Triathlon 2011


Next on the schedule is suppose to be the Lake 2 Lake 50k Mountain Bike race, next Sunday on June 19th, but I’m not 100% committed to do this race yet.  Some preliminary reports indicate that the proposed trail for the race is in questionable condition and could be a disaster waiting to happen.  Following that is the Welland Sprint Triathlon on June 25th.  This is a 750m swim, 30k bike, and 7.5k run.  That swim scares me.  😯