Crystal Beach 5k

Yes I know it’s only a 5k, but it’s the first race I’ve done since June.  I signed up for it more of a means to get my run training back on track, and it’s worked so far.  I haven’t missed a planned training run in almost 5 weeks.  Weekly mileage is up to 24k (15 miles) and climbing.

Now, my weight is still the issue.  In my “prime” of June 2010 when I weighed 190 lbs, I could have probably pulled off a 24:45 (4:57min/k pace) for a 5k, but now at 238, I’m hoping for a 26:15 (5:15 min/k pace).  I did three 500m pace intervals on Tuesday, and I think I can maintain it for the 5k, but it’ll be tough, but 5k races are suppose to be tough considering you should be red lining it for the whole race.

To top it all off, the race is only 20 mins from home, and the weather looks to be perfect.

Recap to follow.