It’s been over 2 months since I posted anything.  To say this year was challenging would be an understatement.  Everything from my wifes car accident to having to put down my awesome dog, to potential loss of employment; it’s been trying overall.  All this resulted in my old ways of 1 man pity parties and stuffing my face, and leading to more weight gain.  One good thing is I somewhat kept up my activities, and have started training for 2012.  I still have some challenges ahead of me, but I’m trying to be positive and deal with them more appropriately.

I now sit at approximately 240 lbs and the odds of me being at my race weight of 180 by May 2012 are next to impossible.  That goal weight could be met probably in July/Aug if I’m 100% dedicated.  With that said, my initial goals of being competitive in the duathlon sprint series is not going to happen in 2012.  What I will do for 2012 is rebuild myself, do a few sprint & olympic distance races to further my fitness, have fun, and stabilize this into a lifestyle.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be setting aggressive goals for these races.  I’m too competitive not to.

The first 2 races of the 2012 are the Tim Horton’s Grimsby Half Marathon on Feb 26th, and the Around the Bay 30k on March 25th.  The half marathon will serve as a “test” for 30k race the month later.  The test will serve to determine my goal time for the 30k.

My weekly run mileage is up to 42 kms (26 miles).  Next week is a recovery week.

Till next time! Take care everyone.