Another year has come and gone, and 2011 is a year I want to forget….fast.

The first 3 months of 2011 were pretty good.  I didn’t lose the fat I wanted to, but didn’t gain any more either.  I managed to get a 1st place AG podium in a short 3k race in February, and met my goal for the 30k race in March.  But after that, it was pretty much downhill.

The Victoria duathlon in May, I ended up 3 mins slower than my 2010 time, mostly because of the extra weight baggage I was carrying.  My first mini-sprint triathlon in Woodstock in early June was bitter sweet;  I did get a 3rd place AG podium, but it also showed me that my weight was still slowing me down, and that my swimming was still WAY off even though I was putting tons of time in the pool.  Then, the June Welland sprint triathlon was a DNF.  The swimming simply killed me and after the bike, it felt like I was breathing blood.

2010/2011 Training Totals
Nov/Dec & 2010/2011 Training Totals

There was a whole bunch of other personal “challenges” in 2011 including a bad car accident my wife had, employment unsureties, working out of town most of the summer, and then having to put down my beloved dog Sandie.

All that accumulated into a very disappointing year personally and athletically, even packing on an extra 30 lbs.

I still managed to get 1027 kms (637 miles) of running done which is a little more than 2010, but my bike numbers were way down from the previous year.

Once again, I have big plans for 2012 and hoping the worse is over and things will get better this year.  I’ve already started training for the 30k Around the Bay Road Race and I’m on track with the run mileage.

Thanks to everyone especially my loving wife that supported me throughout this tough year.  It was greatly appreciated.

Now on to 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!  Make the best of it!