OK, where to begin. It’s been……..a long time since I posted anything that matters, or given an update.  That’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve been in a downward spiral for the last year with regards to my weight and training.  I can blame it on a bunch of things like a job loss, long commutes, etc. but ultimately I had given up and made those bad decisions.  Now here I am, weighing at 255 lbs (was 261 lbs Aug 1), out of shape, diabetes back in full swing, starting over again.  In order not to repeat the same mistakes, I need to figure out what went wrong in the first place.  I can think of a few:

  • I thought I could out-exercise a bad diet – I hung on for awhile but it didn’t last long.
  • “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt” syndrome – this happens a lot in my life with a lot of things I do. It just becomes a project to me, and when the project is done, I move on to the next.
  • Excuses, excuses, excuses – obviously

So let’s see all the negatives of being fat, for me that is:

  • My lower back pain is back – none existent when I was fit
  • My diabetes is back – once again on drugs to try and control it
  • Brain fog – this is a side effect of diabetes but worth mentioning
  • Fatigued a lot – I can sleep 9-10 hrs without a problem, wasn’t the case when I was fit. I actually felt worse if I slept that long.
  • Not comfortable in my own skin
  • Crappy wardrobe

Now the positives of being fit, like I was 2 years ago:

  • Pain-free every where
  • No more meds to control disease
  • Clear thought, alert, energized all the time
  • Confidence
  • Knowing that I can walk out the door anytime and run or bike for 3 hours non-stop, which is required to survive the zombie apocalypse
  • Knowing I won’t have to see the Dr anytime soon for another unhealthy disease
  • Easier to shop for clothes that fit – I hate shopping for clothes

Keeping all that in mind, I need to figure out what will keep me from starting over a 3rd time, because starting over…..sucks!

I have a few things lined up in the next 2-3 months;

  • 100k Big Move Cancer Ride on Sept 9th – biking event to raise money for cancer patients in the area
  • 5k on Oct 6th in Crystal Beach
  • Half marathon on Nov 4th in Hamilton.

But for the most part, the plan for the next 6-7 months is to drop to 185 lbs, 14% body fat.  Multisport goals are in the works and will be released at a later date.