I decided to restart posting my weekly weigh-ins to keep myself accountable.  With that said…….

This weeks numbers:

Weight: 254.8 lbs (up 1.4 lbs from last week)
Body Fat: 35.1% (down -1.5% from last week)
LBM: 165.4 lbs (up 3.2 lbs from last week)

I’m going to have to take these numbers with a grain of salt.  I weighed in Friday morning at 251 lbs.  I believe this fluctuation is do to the strength training I did and the muscles retaining water.  Next week I’m sure will be an adjustment.

Here this past weeks calories in/out stats:
Average Daily Calorie Intake: 2498
Average Daily Exercise Calories Burnt: 774
Current TDEE(2650) + Daily Cals Burnt(774): 3424 cals daily out
Daily Calorie Deficit: 926 (x7 days = 6482 deficit = 1.9 lbs theoretical loss)

Average macronutrient split for the week was: 44% Carb, 27% Fat, 29% Protein.