This past week was a spectacular fail.  Only workout I did was a 6k run last Tuesday.  Had a couple bad nights Thurs, Fri, bad days Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday.  I did get my 6k run in before work this morning, and judging how I felt afterwards, my body is adapting well to the faster than usual mileage increases.

This weeks numbers:

Weight: 257.6 lbs (up 2.8 lbs from last week)
Body Fat: 35.1% (No change from last week)
LBM: 167.1lbs (up 1.7 lbs from last week)

I know this is mostly water retention considering how much sodium I ate yesterday, and the increase in LBM proves that also.  Water will show up as LBM on the bioimpedence BF meters, so I’m not too worried.