Back on August 9th, in order to get my ass motivated again, I signed up for the Big Move Cancer Ride which is a 100 km cycling event.  It’s a great event that raises funds for cancer equipment for patients in the Niagara region.  So 2 birds one stone.

With that motivation, I started riding again and managed to get in good enough shape to finish the 100 km ride yesterday in just over 4 hours, averaging 24 km/h (15 MPH).

Not only that, I also managed to raise $631 for the cause.  Thanks to my friends and family for all their contributions.

The day turned out to be beautiful – cool, with not much wind and off/on sunshine.  Route were nice and all in a country setting.  At approx. the 30k mark, I started chatting with an older lady, her name was Christine, maybe in her early to mid 50s.  She asked me if this was my first time riding the event and if I was riding for anyone any particular.  I answered and reciprocated the questions.  Her answers;

“I did it once in 2010 so this is my 2nd time.  When I signed up for the event a couple months ago, I was riding for a couple of my friends that have Stage 3 and Stage 4 cancers.  But as of 3 weeks ago, I’m also riding for myself.  I found out a lump on my neck was Stage 2 lymphoma.  They removed the lump last week and I start radiation next week to make sure whatever they couldn’t get out is caught with the radiation.”

 OK lets recap: lady in her 50s with stage 2 cancer doing a 100 km bike ride.  The sad part of that story? She said her husband didn’t want to do the ride because he doesn’t like biking – great support system she has going for her.

After reading that, NOBODY has an excuse why they can’t go out and do something to get their ass moving, even for 30 mins 3-4 days a week.  She was biking for almost 5 hours that day.  I was certainly enlightened.