Although I registered for this race awhile back, there was a few things that prevented me from training properly late in the game.  A couple legit reasons, and a few excuses.  Bottomline, my longest training run was an 11k run on Sept 30th, and the only run after that was 20 mins on Oct 31st.  A month without a run, followed by this 21.1k race.  As expected, I wasn’t shooting for any PRs, just simply treat it as a long training run and hope for the best and go for a 2:30 finish.  And that’s what it ended up being -and I’m happy with it.

Weather prediction was suppose to be cool but with some sun.  The cool part was right, but no sun – overcast and a 15 kph NW wind off the lake.  She was a little chilly for the first few kms.

I didn’t do any warmup – decided to use the first few kms of the race to do that and it workout fine.  I actually enjoyed the view and energy of the race at the slower pace and soaked it all in.

The race begins at the Defasco Park on the mountain in Hamilton.  The first 5 kms are fairly flat, followed by the 8 km downhill section of the Red Hill Expressway.  I tried focusing on good downhill form – lean forward with shorter, faster strides – and for the most part I feel I succeeded.  After that downhill section, it enters a hard packed gravel trail for about a km, then a asphalt trail.  Very nice scenery at this time of year.  The end of the race is along Lake Ontario with the finish at Confederation Park.

Around the 12k marker, my heart rate just skyrocketed.  At first I thought it was my Garmin malfunctioning, but a quick manual count confirmed it was correct.  My breathing was still comfortable, but my heart rate was at max…literally.  I kept going as usual hoping for the best.

With 3-4 kms to go, the end couldn’t come quick enough.  Legs were screaming, and so was my brain.  I did pick up the pace for the part of the race and I managed to hit a new heart rate max of 194 bpm.  Yikes!

I crossed the line with a chip time of 2:30:38 which is exactly what I was shooting for.

Results Summary:

Official Chip Time: 2h 30m 38s
Average Pace: 7:09 min/km
Overall: 1772 of 1942 (91%)
Age Group (M40-44): 97th of 101 (96%)
Race Weight: 258 lbs
Official Results: CLICK HERE

Here is the GARMIN DATA for the race.

Now for the next 20 weeks, it’s a winter prep program to build up the running and biking fitness, all in order to get ready for a season of duathlons.  Also looking to drop at least 50 lbs by May 2013.