It’s been awhile but this finally needs to be done.

It’s been said it takes approx. 21 days to form a habit. This may be somewhat anecdotal but I believe it so that’s all that matters, plus Project 21 sounds good.

So what’s Project 21 you ask? Easy, I want to form good habits, and break bad ones in the next 21 days. Today is day 1; day 21 will be Nov 18th.

Good habits I want to form:

  1. Eat a well balanced diet within my calorie allowance of 2200-2500, with an optional day at maintenance 3000 cals.
  2. Be active at least 30 mins a day, even if it’s just a walk.
  3. Be nice to others, even if they sometimes don’t deserve it.
  4. Visualization and positive affirmations every day.

Bad habits I want to break:

  1. No more evening binging. This has been a big problem for a long time now.
  2. No more procrastinating – on everything.
  3. Stop being an asshole in general, more particularly to family and friends.

This doesn’t mean that on Day 22 I become a binging asshole again. The theory is that it should be ingrained in my neurons by then, and it should be easier to control.

Health/Fitness Goals for today:

  • Calories under 2300.
  • Run week 1 day 2 of the C25k program

Today’s Affirmation:

I offer a sincere apology to those affected by my anger.

Visualization – Myself at 190 lbs (circa 2010)