Weekends – My achilles heel.  Let’s see; no real exercise and too much eating.  Did do more walking that usual with Bella because our rear yard is literally a mud zone with the month of rain we’ve been enduring so we’ve been trying to get her to poo & pee while on a walk instead of the yard.

Moving on.

Goals for the Day

  • 2200 calories +/- 50
  • Week 1 Day 3 of the Couch to 5k run program

I’ve decided to off-cycle my workout days to Tues, Thurs, Sat to see if the gym is less crowed on those days.  My logic is, I bet a lot of people workout the typical Mon/Wed/Fri.  Giving it a try because sometimes I have to wait around for certain pieces of equipment, or mess up my exercise order.


Every passing day my body becomes more energetic, more healthy.

Visualization – Myself as a triathlete (Circa 2011)