OK, so obviously V1.0 of the 90-Day Project failed.  So now we’re at V1.1 and even though I’ll still call it 90-Day project, i’s more like 82-Day project.  Why?  Because in 82 days I’m going to Vegas for a week so the goal for these 82 days is to drop 20 lbs or approx. 1.7 lbs/week.

Next week will be a challenge because I’ll be out of town for some training and living in a hotel and living off restaurant food.  I made sure the hotel had a small fitness room so I can get some physical activity during the week.

I’ll weigh-in tomorrow morning so I guess less of a “water shift” drop.

The plan for today is 2600 calories, and an upper body workout after work.  Why the high cals?  I’ll be going with intermittent fasting of 5 days on, 2 days off a week.  So after supper today, stop eating, till supper Tuesday night, and again on Thursday.

Also pickup a new toy; Garmin Vivofit.  It’s similar to FitBit Flex/Force but the big difference is that the battery last over a year (instead of 5-6 days for Fitbit), and it’ll connect with my Garmin heart rate strap when I do cardio.  I should be receiving this within the next few days at which point I’ll transfer over from the Fitbit.