I was out of town all week for training, living in a hotel room, lunch provided by the hosting facility.  Everything turned out perfectly.  I followed the intermittent fasting (IF) 16/8 protocol since day 2 and I’m actually enjoying that part of it.  I don’t start eating till noon, and have my last meal by 7-8 PM.

For exercise, I managed to do 3 run/walk interval workouts (30 mins each) this week (C25k program), and also a metabolic resistance training (MRT) session on Thursday, that I’m still feeling today.

I started Day 1 at 273.2 lbs & 39.3% BF.  We’ll see what the scale says tomorrow morning.  I did start my Creatine Monohydrate cycle today, which is know to make you retain water, so I’ll have to take that into consideration also.

On Monday, I’m starting a 4 week, very low carb diet (under 50g a day) mixed in with 4-day a week MRT sessions to reset some hormones, and help increase my insulin sensitivity.  That’s Phase 1 of 4 to come.

Weigh-in results tomorrow.