weekly-weigh-in_thumb2A little late on the update, but it’s here.

Training:  Last week was the Deload Week 4 of Cycle 1 in the Wendler 5/3/1 program.  Compliance was at 100% with that, and the running.

Nutrition:  Bad week in general.  Compliance was maybe 40% mostly due to evening chip binges, and also attending a NASCAR race on Sunday and not preparing for it.  Not to mention, also ate a big bad of chips Monday night, prior to this weigh in the morning.  So the numbers are wonky to say the least.

Now the numbers: Phase 1, Week 4

Weight: 258.8 lbs (+4.4 lbs)
Body Fat: 34.1% (-1.4%)
LBM: 170.5 lbs (+6.4 lbs)
Fat Mass: 88.3 lbs (-2.0lbs)

Obviously these are not very representative of what’s actually going on.  Most of the weight gain was all water retention (as seen from the big increase in LBM) and there should be a correction of this next weigh in.

Starting on Tuesday August 12, I started loading Creatine at 10g/day dose split in 2 servings, morning and evening.  This will go on for one week.  After that, it’ll be a maintenance dose of 5g/day.  This should also effect future weigh ins as creatine requires extra water to bind into the muscles.  This should show up with a higher than usual LBM.

Also, based on FitBit and the current exercise I’m doing, my TDEE average is around 3550 calories.  So I’ll be bumping up my calorie consumption as follows;

Monday: Off day – 2300 cals
Tuesday: Strength & Run – 3000 cals
Wednesday: Strength – 2800 cals
Thursday: Run – 2500 cals
Friday: Strength – 2800 cals
Saturday: Strength – 2800 cals
Sunday: Run – 2500 cals

If I combine the strength and run on Saturday, then I’ll bump that up to 3000 cals also.  This will result in a slower fat loss, but I’m hoping that together with the testosterone gel, I may actually increase my muscle mass, or at the very least, totally curb any loss of it.  In the long run, this is the best bet.