This is more of a note to self for future reference;

My cardio seems to be taking a lot longer to improve than I originally thought it would.  There’s documented evidence that once the extra capillaries are formed from past cardio training, it typically doesn’t take as long to reactivate them in the future – not compared to someone that was always a couch potato anyhow.

I ran over 35 kms this month, most in Z2 borderline Z3, and my average Z2 pace is approx. 6:55 k/min which is still really sad – it’s a fast walk for some people.

Also, 6 days ago I did a sub-maximal efficiency test as a benchmark starting point.  Result; 17% efficiency with an approx. VO2max of 44.  Retest is scheduled for Dec 21st.

Will keep track of these in the next coming weeks.