weekly-weigh-in_thumb2Week 5 in the books and although there isn’t a loss, the BF% did drop.  My carb count was a little higher than usual yesterday which would account for the weight and BF drop if my glycogen stores are filled, which in turn adds water weight.  But, dietary compliance was only 65-70% this week so it’s too be expected.

Workouts/training is still going strong though and was 100% compliant in the last week.  Ending week 7 of the C25k and starting week 8 on Saturday.  I’ve also started turning the bike cranks on the trainer, getting the ass ready, building up the base.

Weight: 252.0 lbs (+0.4 lbs)
Body Fat: 34.5% (-1.1%)
LBM: 165.1 lbs (+2.9 lbs)
Fat Mass: 86.9 lbs (-2.7 lbs)

I have a feeling I’ll be entering the 240s next week.  Last visit was in 2009 – it’s been awhile.