What’s the problem?  It’s only been 8 months!

Lets see; still fat except now my diabetes is out of control.  If I’m eating good and exercising, I’m still taking 15-20 units of sustained release insulin.  If I eat like crap, then it’s 50 units of insulin, and even with that much, blood glucose is rarely under 10.  My kidneys are now starting to show signs of giving up.

Initial Weigh-In: (Aug 12, 2015)

Weight: 264.8 lbs
Body Fat: 37.8%
LBM: 164.7 lbs
Fat Mass: 100.1 lbs

The increase in BF% at almost the same weight as in the past is a concern.  My lean mass dropped, fat mass increased.  Probably due to the out-of-control diabetes which has a muscle-wasting effect.

Restarted Stronglift 5×5 and a Zero to 10k run program.  I also have a 75k bike ride coming up on Aug 23rd for MS charity event.  I guess I better start turning the pedals soon.

Goal are to run the Crystal Beach 5k Oct 10th under 30 mins, and then the Casablanca 8k on Nov 7th.  Last year when I ran that race I had made a goal to finish in under 40 mins.  That probably won’t happen this late in the game, but it will be faster than last years time.