weekly-weigh-in_thumb2Week 2 of the restart in the books, and a great week it was.  Both nutrition and exercise were 100% compliant.  Also did 75 km bike ride on Sunday for the MS Bike Niagara event.  Legs felt good the next day; ass, not so much.  I’ll try and get a small recap on the event in the next few days.

Weight: 258.4 lbs (-2.6 lbs)
Body Fat: 37.1% (0%)
LBM: 162.5 lbs (-1.6lbs)
Fat Mass: 95.9 lbs (-1.0 lbs)

Kind of disappointed in the BF% but I’m assuming I might be a little more dehydrated that I was last week, hence showing no movement on the BF.  I’m sure there will be a correction next week.