weekly-weigh-in_thumb2I wasn’t even going to bother posting this weeks weigh in numbers because they’re skewed/out of whack, but fuck it, got to keep myself accountable.  Reason why they’re skewed?  Couple reason;

  1. Had massive cheats Sun and Mon night – full on chip binges
  2. Started taking creatine monohydrate on the weekend.

Both of these will cause water retention; one from the sodium, and the other, creatine needs water molecules to bind to in the muscle.  This explains why the BF% number had a big jump; water bloating = lower BF% on a bio impedance measuring device.  Oh well, things should stabilize by next week.

Weight: 259.8 lbs (+1.4 lbs)
Body Fat: 35.8% (-1.3%)
LBM: 166.8 lbs (+4.3 lbs)
Fat Mass: 93.0 lbs (-2.9 lbs)

Good thing for the past week…100% compliance with exercise.