weekly-weigh-inWhat a great week it was overall.  Nutrition and exercise at 100% compliance, and blood sugar stabilized under 9 without insulin.  Energy levels are getting better, sleep is great.  The numbers reflected this also which is fantastic.

Also, my run mileage is slowly coming up, cardio is the cardio, although slower than I was expecting.  I may have to adjust my goal time for the 5k in 3.5 weeks.

Weight: 254.0 lbs (-2.8 lbs)
Body Fat: 36.1% (-0.5%)
LBM: 162.3 lbs (-0.5 lbs)
Fat Mass: 91.7 lbs (-2.3 lbs)
Avg. Daily Calorie Intake: 2408

Going by these numbers & calories, puts my TDEE around 3800 cals/day.  We’ll see if that holds true for this week.

Weight, BF, Chart - Effective Sept 16
Weight, BF, Chart – Effective Sept 16