weekly-weigh-inFor the 3rd week in a row, my nutrition hasn’t been on point which means 3 weeks worth of weight loss wasted.  Workouts though, again, 100% compliance.  The rainbow in this shit pile is the fact that my weight is hanging steady – no loss no gain.

And the numbers….

Weight: 254.0 lbs (-0.6 lbs)
Body Fat: 36.0% (+0.5%)
LBM: 162.6 lbs (-1.6 lbs)
Fat Mass: 91.4 lbs (+1.0 lbs)

This morning, I got a reminder of why I lost everything a few ago; my left knee had some soreness similar to what crippled me 4 years ago.  After the race this weekend, I’ll be taking a delaod week – ½ the run mileage, ½ the weight on leg work, good dose of stretching, ice/heat therapy, and NSAIDS.

Chart as of October 7th
Chart as of October 7th