Forgot to post my first weigh in last week so making it a combo post for last week and this week.




Initial Weigh In: Nov 29, 2018

Weight: 234.8 lbs
Body Fat: 32.6%
LBM: 158.3 lbs
Fat Mass: 76.5 lbs

Week 1 Weigh In: Dec 4, 2018

Weight: 231.0 lbs (-3.8 lbs)
Body Fat: 33.3% (+0.7%)
LBM: 154.1 lbs (-4.2 lbs)
Fat Mass: 76.9 lbs (+0.4 lbs)

Obviously I didn’t lose 4 lbs of muscle.  These body fat numbers are clearly being skewed by hydration levels.  If I had to money, I’d get a Bod Pod test every week.