So decided on a whim to get a Bod Pod body composition test.  I had a gut feeling that my lean mass had gone down since I’ve been sedentary for the last 12+ months.  In previous body comp tests over the last 10 years, my LBM has always been above 170, up to 174 lbs in my fatter days.

I got my Bod Pod test with BodyKnow Inc. in Burlington.  The owner – Deb Anderson – is friendly and accommodating, so if you’re looking for a body comp test, give her a call.

So, the results: 26% body fat, which is what I was estimating.  But, as I suspected, my LBM did go down 1 lb from my past average to 169 lbs..  That’s unacceptable.  Time to bump up the juice and the iron.

The goal is to increase LBM to 172 lbs, and drop BF to 18% by May 2021.  That should put my total weight at 210 lbs.  From there, we’ll see how much further I want to go.