Short Term Goals

Now that I’m in a groove and the weight is coming off at a decent rate, I’m hoping to have a “Stage 2” hopefully once the gym opens up – suppose to be Jan 23rd at this point – and the purpose is going to be to start lifting heavy again and to get some LBM back on these old bones.  I’m shooting for a goal of 5 lbs of LBM my May 1st, while dropping BF down to high teens 17 to 18%.  Following that, I will do a hard cut for the month of May, hoping to be around 14-15% by mid-June.

Long Term Goals

Longer term goal will to be maintain over the summer months until September.  By maintain, I mean I’ll still continue to strength train, but I won’t be restricting my calories.  I may end up adding some bulk, but that’s OK.

Come start of September, then I’ll give a straight out bulk phase for 10 weeks (Sept 6 to Nov 21) followed by 7 weeks of cutting (Nov 22 to Jan 14, 2022), right before our cruise vacation.  Hoping to add another 5-7 lbs of muscle in that time period and be around 14% BF for vacation.