The last week saw a lot of progress in the weight loss, but I’m a little concerned about the direction of the LBM loss.  It can’t be all “hydration” because I drink well in excess of normal water intake every day.  Given that the gym is closed and don’t really have room for exercising, I have no good way of strength training.  I will continue to monitor the situation.

Also, give how much the weight has been going down in the last week, I’ve decided that today I will have a full TDEE calorie day – around 3000 calories – so to boost the metabolism and avoid slumping/stagnation.  Tomorrow I’ll resume the 2000-2200 calorie intake for the remainder of the week and see how it goes.  I also plan to check % BF again tomorrow morning to see if it will affect the number based on the high caloric intake from today.

The good news is that, even through the holidays, the diet was spot on.  Xmas dinner was keto, only had a handful of alcoholic drinks (wiskey & diet ginger ale).

On the back/right leg pain situation, it’s still affecting me, especially in the late sleep cycle and morning.  I visited a chiropractor this morning and he seems to think this is NOT sciatica but simply tightness in the hip.  He did some tweaking and gave me some stretches to do 4-5 times a day if possible.  I see him again on Friday.

Jan 4, 2021
Weight: 218.4 lbs (-4.4 lbs)
Body Fat: 23.3% (-0.4 %) (OMROM Handheld in “Athlete Mode”)
LBM: 167.5 lbs (-2.5 lbs)
Fat Mass: 50.9 lbs (-1.9 lbs)