casablancalogoI originally signed up for this race back in July when my running and strength training were still going really good and I was all psyched up.  But somewhere around the end of August, I started having issues with my lower back and everything got derailed.  Although I felt better a month ago, I had a hard time “getting back into it”.  😕

So 1 week before this race, I star getting back into it, and I manage 1 short training run 4 days before the race.  I knew I wasn’t going to be setting any PRs, but dammit, I paid for it, and I was going to run it, even if it killed me.  😀  And it nearly did.  😯

Weather was to be expected for this time a year – cloudy, windy, and cold.  It was around 6*C (43*F) with wind chill at 2*C (36*F).  I wore a long sleeve tech shirt with a wind breaker jacket (that has a couple layers inside), wind breaker long pants, and a tech hat.  I felt reasonably comfortable, maybe a little on the warm side after for the first 15-20 mins of the race.

My goal before the race, was to finish in 55 minutes or less.  But 10 mins into the race, it was clear my body wasn’t up for that task.  Even though I was using the Galloway Run/Walk method, I was not able to maintain the prescribed run pace for a 55 min finish because my heart rate was too elevated.  At that point I figured anything under 1 hour will have to do.


The rest of the race was really uneventful.  I traded places throughout the race with 2 ladies that were running together, chatting it up the entire time, while I was almost dying.  I told myself I would not let them finish ahead of me.  They didn’t, even though they tried.  I really had nothing left for an end-of-race kick, but I dropped whatever I could.  Seeing the finish line always gives you a little more than you thought you had.  My heart rate peaked at 194 BPM.  I’m sure there was some sort of damage done because of this.  It took almost 3 hours for my heart rate to get back down under 100.

Results Summary:

Official Chip Time: 56m 17s
Average Pace: 7:03 min/km (11:21 min/mile)
Overall Placement: 186 of 203 (92%)
Age Group (M40-44): 11 of 11 (100%)
Race Weight: 260 lbs
Official Race Results: CLICK HERE
Garmin Data: CLICK HERE


So what does this all mean?

In my prime 4 years ago, this race would have been done in about 40 mins instead of almost an hour, and I wasn’t at my greatest potential in my prime either – I was till considered a novice.  At the very least, this race has lit that fire up my ass again, to get back into the best shape of my life.  Using my experience to avoid injury that set me back 2 years ago.

If I can remain injury-free, I’m setting my goal for a 40 min finish at this race in 2015!